About Us

The first question everyone asks is where I came up with Chewbarka. The name came from a Dog which was a Husky Shepard mix and he chewed and barked at everything, my brother Alfred call him Chew-barka and it stuck!

The story of how we started is very interesting. My family has been in the Tool and Die making trade for 3 generations producing fine precision jewelry items since 1950. One day my wife (Debra) and I (Frank) purchased a Pug, we did what every family does and went to the local super pet store to purchase the supplies we would need. On the way out the door I noticed a Very flashy machine which claimed to engrave Pet ID tags, I inserted my $10.00 and the machine engraved a tag for me, after looking at the tags I told Debra we just wasted our money on a poorly engraved tag which I know would never last.

The next day I showed my Dad the tag who is a old time toolmaker and he noticed the same thing, how could anyone produce such a terrible product (He added a few choice Italian words). I looked directly at my Dad and said "We are now in the Pet tag business" he though I was Crazy! I told him if we can make jewelry for Tiffany, BA Ballou and many more fine NY jewelers I know we can make a Quality pet tag.

Chewbarka's tags was started in 2003.

Here is just as a bit of useless information, in 2003 we consumed about 5000 lbs of Aluminum, in 2007 that amount was 27,000 lbs or 13.5 TONS of material!